This was my first full body character and her name is Rhea. I will be posting some early sketches of her a little later tonight to show her progression. There were lots of things that  I struggled with on this character. Proportions being the first thing that challenged me, hands and feet  that then later vexed me. The story behind this character is that in this world that she lives in, there is a decease much like leprosy that takes over and isolates people. This sickness, however attacks the person’s chakra. It effects the person differently based on which chakra it latches on to. In Rhea’s case, she is inflicted with the Earth Chakra that is associated with Topaz and deals with confidence and self worth. This means that this specific one will cause her self esteem and self worth to plummet and the worst it does, the more the sickness takes hold. topazbacktopazfronttopazsideAs a person become more entangled with this decease, the less human they appear and the more of their gemstone that they turn into.  Rhea has topaz extruding from her skin and her body parts are held together only by a slight gravitational force.


Author: flickarts

Hello and Welcome! I am an aspiring character design artist and animator. I work in all sorts of mediums and always look forward to learning new things! Feel free to check me out on my instagram too: flickarts

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