Book Studies

A great source of practice for character development and creation, is any book that can hold your interest. I’ve recently done some book studies between class projects here are the results of that:  Carrie was the first one I created, to practice during class. I worked a little on the Harry Potter one over summer break. Honestly if there was a Harry Potter Cartoon with the original story it would do so well right now. There is a big push to make books into TV shows and it would have lots of spin off potential (there could be a spin off of Harry’s parent’s or even a spin off of the next generation).

Book Studies: Harry Potter: Petunia and Vernon as well as some designs for the landscape
Harry Potter: More defined Vernon and Petunia with baby Dudley, and Some sketched ideas for the bedroom.
Harry Potter: Story board Ideas for a comic about the characters.
Carrie by Steven King, First design
Carrie, I was playing around with possibly giving here a different color scheme.
Carrie and her mother
Final Design for Carrie

Author: flickarts

Hello and Welcome! I am an aspiring character design artist and animator. I work in all sorts of mediums and always look forward to learning new things! Feel free to check me out on my instagram too: flickarts

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