Peter Lionheart

Peter also belongs in the same world as Joanna. This is the first real design of him and it was more me messing around with an idea for his character. He is the prince of the kingdom, Nephelingdom, and has an interesting role in the story. There is not much I can say without completely giving away the story. 

He has a sister named Penelope (or Pip) whom I have yet to make a digital sketch for but will showcase some of her earlier studies. Their personalities are very polar opposite. He is sort of a sociopath while she is more empathetic of everyone. Lets hope its Pip who become queen and not Peter who becomes King!peterheart


Author: flickarts

Hello and Welcome! I am an aspiring character design artist and animator. I work in all sorts of mediums and always look forward to learning new things! Feel free to check me out on my instagram too: flickarts

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