Nightwing and Bat Girl

Nightwing has always been my favorite Robin and I will tell you why: Adam West’s Batman. I know I know, I am crazy for actually liking that show right? When you compare it to say Christian Bale or Ben Affleck the OG batman show doesn’t really hold its ground. But it is still my favorite. It was something my dad and I bonded over. I mean the over the top onomatopoeia, the great one liners from Robin like “Holy smokes batman its a smoke bomb!” and their always useful weapons like the shark repellant were just so funny!

I know they never said that Robin was Dick Grayson but Batman’s first Robin has always been Dick. Its more nostalgia than anything, he was my first Robin that I would watch with my dad.

This is just sort of a study sketch that I made of him and Barbra Gordon. screen-shot-2017-02-05-at-10-44-06-am


Author: flickarts

Hello and Welcome! I am an aspiring character design artist and animator. I work in all sorts of mediums and always look forward to learning new things! Feel free to check me out on my instagram too: flickarts

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